Group Diving Activities
Most diving is done out of members private boats. The boats are mostly fast deep Vee fibreglass hull types in excess of 15 feet long. All are fitted with 2 way radios, depth sounders and most have GPS navigation aids. We generally go out for the entire day taking 2 tanks and lunch with us. Diving is unhurried and we usually manage to find a quiet sunny spot to have lunch. There is often a debriefing at the end of the day at a local hotel. Participants are expected to contribute to the cost of the boats fuel bill. For single day diving boats are generally launched from San Remo (Philip Is), Flinders or Sorrento. This provides access to the best dive locations around Philip island, Westernport Bay, Mornington Peninsular (bayside and backbeach) and the West Coast from Point Lonsdale to Torquay. Whenever conditions permit we would travel to Apollo Bay or Port Campbell.
The Group has made numerous trips to such destinations as Kangaroo Island (S.A), Bass Straight Islands - King Is, Cliffy Group, Hogan Group, Kent Group and Flinders Is, Wilsons Promontory, Eden and Montague Island (Naroma) and such trips are planned for the future. We dive on reefs or wrecks. We dive for fun or to collect sea food. We dive in search of antique bottles. Some of our members pursue underwater photography. Some even do Cave Diving. But mostly we go out to enjoy ourselves.