About Us
What is BRUDG?
BRUDG is a non commercial, social diving club, committed to safe and inexpensive diving for its members.  It was formed in 1953 and is the oldest diving club in Melbourne.

We have approximately 50 members across a wide age and experience range, both male and female. We have several Master Divers and a number with more than 2,000 dives under their belt.  There aren't many locations in Southern Australian waters that someone in the club hasn't dived.

Club members have approximately 12 dive boats and the owners enthusiastically make them available for club diving.
BRUDG owns five large air compressors and a tandem trailer to transport them.  Air fills are free to members. 
In addition to diving we conduct regular social functions. We have monthly meetings at the Celtic Club corner of Latrobe and Queen streets Melbourne on the second Tuesday of each month, except January.

Why join BRUDG?
We offer you friendly, safe and inexpensive diving with some of the most experienced sport divers in Victoria.  BRUDG members have extensive expertise and local knowledge diving Southern Australian waters and we are happy to pass this on. 
We conduct an active diving program each year which may include trips to Wilsons Promontory, Victorian West or East Coast, Bass Strait Islands, South Australia, New South wales and of course local dives to the Peninsula and Philip Island.
We do most of our diving from members' boats.  Typically they are sturdy deep vee hull boats, fitted with long range fuel tanks, EPIRBs, VHF and/or Marine band radios, GPS and depth sounders.  We usually have two dives for the day and an unhurried lunch. Air fills are free to members and for a full day's diving, i.e. two dives, we make a contribution to the boat's running costs for fuel, launch fees etc.
We have 3 x BAUER 7CFM and 2 x BAUER 5CFM compressors and a tandem trailer to transport them to remote locations.
We dive on reefs or wrecks, for fun or to collect sea food, and for underwater photography or even cave diving. But whatever, we dive for the fascinating experience of exploring the underwater world.  If the underwater bug has bitten you, give BRUDG a try, you won't regret it. We will make you welcome, regardless of your experience or interest.  Please submit your application at the "How to Join" link.